Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[new music] Plants and Animals - Stream La La Land

Unveiling La La Land Piece-by-Piece, Starting Today

Due to an early leak, Plants and Animals are tiding over the impatient fans with the streaming of La La Land, one song at a time. Over at the La La Land page, you can now listen to tracks 1-3. "Tom Cruz" has been available since January, but as of today, you can also treat your ears to "Swinging Bells" and "American Idol." The band plans to reveal songs leading up to the official April 20 release, with the next offering from the album due this Thursday.

According to the band, “Swinging Bells” is the tune that inspired the album's name. Amidst the "delicate dabs of rickety 70s piano," the song climaxes with a chorus of "la la las." "Swinging Bells" also acts as a prelude to the next track, "American Idol." The song, as stated by Nic Basque, "brought to life one of our musical dreams: to record a rock sax solo.” Enlisting the saxophone skills of Colin Stetson (Arcade Fire), "American Idol" really hits its mark.

If you want to hear more clips of the unreleased tracks, you can sample them in these zany YouTube TV ads starring their friend Joe Cobden, and a pickle. They're also posted below.

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