Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[new music] Plants and Animals - La La Land

New Plants and Animals Album!

Announced today over at the P&A site, the band's next album La La Land will be released on April 20. The cover art is pictured above.

The first single, "Tom Cruz" is sooooo good (listen to it here). The creation of the song, apprently the product of some late-night rum and cokes, was nicely explained by the Woodman,
"It was December, pre-Christmas, so we fuelled the session with rum and cokes. They made us feel like Tom Cruise. It gave us killer smiles and made our enemies wither.”
According to Secret City (one of the best record labels on the planet), La La Land is bigger, smoother, tougher and tighter than the last one. The La La Land album page has a whole lot more to say, be sure to check it out. My favorite quote comes from Warren C. Spicer on the dual-cities recording sessions:
“The Paris stuff is like a nice Bordeaux and the Montreal stuff is more like a baked potato. Sessions in Paris ended by 10pm, sessions in Montreal by 6am.”
Plants and Animals will kick off a North American tour with a show in Montreal on April 22 at La Tulipe. More dates are sure to follow.