Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White Rabbits @ The Crocodile (6-22-2009)

photo cred: Benji Davies

The White Rabbits will be playing the Crocodile this coming Monday (June 22) with stage support from The Subjects. The band's latest album, It's Frightening has been on constant rotation since I first laid ears on it. While it's a surprising departure from the successful formula used on their debut Fort Nightly, the new sound works so well. While Fort may have more hooks than a bait shop, this new record explores a new direction in sound that lacks a lot of the immediate accessibility. There are some standout rockers reminiscent of the last record, and then there's some straight up experimentation. After a few listens, though, this new LP really starts to grow on you. And if you add up the greatest jams from both records, as well as their amazing b-sides and covers, you've got one hell of a set list for Monday night's show. Don't miss this one.

Tickets :: purchase here
$10 adv
21 & over

Here's an old version of "The Lady Vanishes" performed for Daytrotter. The song appears on It's Frightening, but this earlier take has more of a ragtime feel to it.

MP3: White Rabbits - "The Lady Vanishes (Daytrotter)"
(The rest of the session can be found here at Daytrotter)