Monday, June 22, 2009

New Music Monday: White Denim, Sunset Rubdown, White Rabbits, Wolf Parade

Lots of stuff is happening today:

In the mail, I received my Insound pre-order copy of Sunset Rubdown's Dragonslayer in the mail (officially released tomorrow). I love the mannequin junkyard cover art, and the album sounds beautifully mixed and mastered. Get yourself a copy here if you haven't already.

Also released today is White Denim's Fits (officially released in the EU only). This album kicks so much ass, and critics seem to agree - check out these rave reviews at The Independent (5/5), The Guardian (4/5), UnCut Magazine (4/5), and The Skinny (4/5). Pick up a copy at Full Time Hobby or at Rough Trade. No word yet on when it'll hit US shelves.

In other news, Dan Boeckner had some good info to share about Wolf Parade's next album. Relinquishing any fears that the band would never record together again, Dan stated this in a recent Los Angeles Times music blog interview:

Are there any plans for you guys to record another Wolf Parade record?

We’re going back to Montreal in November to write and record the new album. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to going to China and Beirut, and recording a 12-inch that will be a split between a cover of a Canadian industrial band named Skinny Puppy and an original song.

And finally, tickets are still available for tonight's White Rabbits show at the Crocodile. Tickets are to be purchased at the doors, which open at 8pm. See you there.


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