Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer Pre-Order

Pre-Order a copy today at Insound

Sunset Rubdown's upcoming album Dragonslayer can now be pre-order through Insound. For everyone who decides to take advantage of this deal, you'll also receive a digital copy of the record on May 21 - ONE MONTH before the actual June 23 release date. Fans can pre-order the album as a CD or LP (links below). Also posted below is the much spun "Idiot Heart" which appears on Dragonslayer. And last but not least, to see this short video featuring some new tunes and an interview with the band, (go here) Sunset Rubdown were recently filmed by Polish television network KTVI. Enjoy...

Pre-Order :: CD
Pre-Order :: LP

MP3: Sunset Rubdown - "Idiot Heart"
(From Dragonslayer)