Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Wolf Parade Shirt - Born To Roam

Celebrate Wolf Parade with this amazing new shirt

While it technically isn't endorsed by Montreal's finest, I'm sure Wolf Parade would appreciate fans who don this at their shows. Featuring the watchword "Born to Roam: Wild and Free," this long sleeve black t-shirt includes a large black wolf head in the background and a grey wolf howling into the night. The best part about this shirt - the black wolf's eyes glow in the dark! For this amazing piece of fashion, it can be all yours at the price of $25 (go here).

Speaking of Wolf Parade, when are we ever going to get a studio recording of "Things I Don't Know" (aka "String Me Along")? This is quite possibly my favorite Spencer-sung WP song to date, yet no love on finding a home At Mount Zoomer... Perhaps we'll get to hear it on Wolf Parade LP #3. Enjoy this live bootleg of "Things I Don't Know," and you'll see where I'm coming from.

MP3: Wolf Parade - "Things I Don't Know"
(recorded 10-18-2005 @ Theatre Plaza - Montreal, Canada)