Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Whitest Boy Alive: Rules

Second album by The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive released their second album this month, and I completely missed the memo. I'm not really sure how it happened to slip past my radar, but on March 3, the band released Rules online, as well as to Japan and Australia. I had originally expected the album to drop at the end of this month (which is still technically true), but it looks like they're taking online orders right now (via their website). If you don't want to buy it online, you'll have to wait (see below):

uk: march 30th
usa: march 31st
canada: march 31st

I've only listened to Rules a hand-full of times, but my first impressions of it are very good. Unfortunately, I can't verify just quite yet if the album is adjectivally named. There seems to be a little more electronic influence in this cut than its predecessor, but then again, The Whitest Boy Alive originally started out as an electronica side-project. Perhaps the band is getting back to its roots?

Check out the album if you haven't already. You can hear a couple tracks off this sophomore effort at the band's MySpace page, too.

Buy album here