Monday, March 23, 2009

Fleet Foxes: Interview by BBC2's "The Culture Show"

There is a great Fleet Foxes (aka "The STYX of the late 00's," according to their MySpace page) interview from BBC2's The Culture Show that was taking during the UK leg of the band's latest tour. Snippets from their live show with performances of "White Winter Hymnal" and "Mykonos" are also included. During the interview, there are some subtly funny moments - for example:
Interviewer (Lauren): "It takes 22 years to write your debut album, that's what they all say. Then you get 2 to write your next one."

Robin Pecknold: "yeah... shoot..."
It's worth the watch. Still no word yet on when we'll be seeing a follow-up to last year's Fleet Foxes LP. I'm sure it'll be well-worth the wait.