Monday, November 3, 2008

Seattle Power Outage: Goose Responsible

Evil Goose responsible for turning off my alarm this morning.

I had the displeasure of waking up (late) to no power this morning. Apparently, so did 4,000 other Seattleites living in the Fremont-Wallingford area. Not only was I late for work, but I also had very limited hot water during my shower. Who was responsible? More like what... as it turns out, the reason for the power outage was a damn goose. It was reported that its wide wingspan caused a short circuit in a main power line in the area. Sadly, the goose did not survive the electrocution...

So in light of the situation, I thought I'd share Eagles of Death Metal's new song "High Voltage" off of their third album, Heart On. Enjoy... oh, and go vote tomorrow!

MP3: Eagles of Death Metal - "High Voltage"