Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake Songs!!!

New US tour kicks off with some new tunes!

Big thanks to Earl of Slander for posting a recording of Sunset Rubdown's latest show at the The Middle East Club (9-15-2008) in Cambridge, MA. Set list for the night looks like this new tour is a must-see show. Highlights of the night include 5 new Sunset Rubdown songs and 1 new Swan Lake song, as well as some anti-Palin political jabs. Check out the new ones below (with alternate song titles in parentheses):

Black Swan [New]
Taming Of The Hands
Idiot Heart
Silver Moons [New]
Trumpet Trumpet, Toot Toot
You Go On Ahead [New]
(For God's Sake, Don't Let Sarah Palin Get Into Office)
Us Ones In Between
Buffalo [New]
(I Don't Even Necessarily Agree With Obama's Policies, I Just Don't Want Sarah Palin To Get Into Office)
Jackie [New Swan Lake song!]
Mending Of the Gown
Stadiums and Shrines II
Dragon [New]
(I Sincerely Believe That the World Will End Sooner Than Later If Sarah Palin Is Allowed Into the White House)
Winged / Wicked Things
Shut Up I Am Dreaming

For the whole show, head over to the Wolf Parade Forum.


Anonymous said...

Earl of Slander here,

That Dragon song is also called "I sincerely believe the world will end sooner than later is Sarah Palin is allowed into office"

Glad you're enjoying the recording!