Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (1-11-2012)

Spencer Krug Edition

Spencer Krug is one of the hardest working and most prolific indie songwriters of this era, establishing musical acts that include Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, Frog Eyes, Fifths of Seven, and Moonface (not to mention the TwoTonne Bowlers). Notably, his solo work from the Sunset Rubdown EP contains the song "Three Colours", the very song that lends its name to this blog. Today's Hump Day Power Play features songs from the tortured genius that is Mr. Krug.

What I've always found so interesting is the way that Krug seems to tinker and toy with new sounds, usually in some obscure side project before putting all the pieces together for his materspiece works. Currently, the newest moniker for Krug's creative outlet is Moonface. In his first release, he crafted a 20 minute track exploring the unique sounds of the marimba (and shit-drums). In his latest EP, he tried his skills with the vibraphone organ (though, he would have hoped it were vibraphone). In interviews, Krug has alluded to the development of a rotating lineup for Moonface, in which friends will eventually help support and shape the organic and ever-redefining sound of the band. I'm very excited to experience the evolution of this project. Anyway, in the spirit of Spencer Krug, I've put together a playlist that highlights some of my favorite Krug tracks. Enjoy!

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (1-11-2012) ::
01 :: "Disco Sheets" - Wolf Parade
02 :: "They Took A Vote And Said No" - Sunset Rubdown
03 :: "Apollo and the Buggalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!" - Sunset Rubdown
04 :: "Stadiums And Shrines II" - Sunset Rubdown
05 :: "California Dreamer" - Wolf Parade
06 :: "You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son" - Wolf Parade
07 :: "Idiot Heart" - Sunset Rubdown
08 :: "Snakes Got A Leg III" - Sunset Rubdown
09 :: "Bang Your Drum" - Wolf Parade
10 :: "Reture To The Violence Of The Ocean Floor" - Moonface
11 :: "Call It A Ritual" - Wolf Parade
12 :: "The Taming of the Hands that Came Back to Life" - Sunset Rubdown
13 :: "I'll Believe In Anything" - Wolf Parade
14 :: "Nightingale / December Song" - Sunset Rubdown
15 :: "All Fires" - Swan Lake
16 :: "Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings" - Sunset Rubdown

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Adrienne Benitez said...

I agree with this entire playlist!

Anonymous said...

I love the playlist, but "Organ Music" doesn't have any vibraphone on it! It is just organs (and drums obviously). The title is "not vibraphone like I hoped" because he wanted to use vibraphone but didn't end up including it.

Greg said...

Thanks, Anon, for the correction. It's too bad the vibraphone sessions were scrapped - I'm sure they were interesting (and much more like Dreamland).