Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[mp3] Spoon - "Utilitarian" (demo) August Bonus Track

Spoon rolls out another bonus track

Fans of Spoon have been spoiled over the last few years by the generosity of Britt Daniel and company with their sharing of free, unreleased tracks. You're probably well-aware by now that nearly every month, the band's website has released a "bonus track" - usually a demo or live version of an existing Spoon song. After February of this year, though, there's been nothing but radio silence. That is, until late this August, a collection of cassettes (yeah, they still exist) was found while Britt was moving. According to the band, these tapes contain over a dozen old demos that had been thought to be lost and forgotten. Luckily for us, Spoon will be releasing these tracks over the next months. Go over there and check out the August bonus track, "Utilitarian", which wound up on Spoon's A Series of Sneaks.

Since I always seem to get a lot of requests from readers about the order of these bonus track releases, I've included the full list below, dating all the way back to February of 2008. Enjoy!

And while we're on the subject of Spoon, the band will be making an appearance at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest - I'll bet it's a fun show. The festival runs November 4-6, and the lineup includes We Were Promised Jetpacks, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Girls, Ted Leo, Passion Pit, Lykke Li, and many more. Get tickets here.

NOTE :: I'll get more links up for the previous tracks soon so you can have access to all of Spoon's bonus tracks.

Complete List of Spoon Bonus Tracks (2008-2011)

"Paper Tiger (live Sydney '05)" February
"Eddie's Ragga (demo)" March
"Cherry Bomb (country version)" April #1
"I Turn My Camera On (first version)" April #2
"Don't Let It Get You Down (demo)" May
"Was It You (demo)" June
"Merchants of Soul (demo)" July
"You Gotta Feel It (rehearsal)" August
"My Mathematical Mind (demo)" September
"In The Right Place The Right Time (demo)" October
"Ghost (Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga demo)" November
"The Beast and Dragon (live Sydney '05)" December

"Black Like Me" (demo) February
"30 Gallon Tank (Sydney, 2005)" April
"Japanese Cigarette Case (Demo)" June
"You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (from scratch demo)" July
"Vittorio E (Live Sydney '05)" August
"Rhythm & Soul (demo)" September
"Ghost (AcaPella)" October
"Everything Hits At Once (live @ Sydney '05)" November
"Japanese Cigarette Case (delay song demo)" December

"Something To Look Forward To (early demo)" July
"Goodnight Laura (demo)" September
"Nobody Gets Me But You (demo)" October
"Out Go The Lights (demo)" November
"Mystery Zone (demo)" December


Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Letter From The Editor] Three Colours Is Back

When Will I See You Again?
Well, as you may have noticed, it's been a long while since anything has been posted here on Three Colours. I feel like a I owe someone out there an explanation. Sadly, things must always come to an end, and when I enrolled at the University of Washington for graduate school, I knew that my Seattle stint would be indefinitely long. Conscious of this, I think I really took advantage of all the wonderful music opportunities during my six years in the Emerald City. Hopefully I was able to share some of my favorite moments with readers that stumbled across this humble blog. My goal all along was to talk about the bands that I happened to discover and really enjoyed, exposing those bands to anyone willing to read about them. I'm very happy with how it all turned out. But alas, that story has run its course, and once again, I find myself in a new and unexplored land: Southwest Michigan.

Interestingly, one of the last concerts I attended in Seattle was for Lord Huron at the Tractor Tavern. Those who are familiar with these Michigan folksters have probably heard their beautiful "When Will I See You Again", which concludes their amazing Mighty EP. At the very least, it was an emotional night knowing that I could have been experiencing my last Tractor Tavern show for many years. And when this song began, the lyrics for "When Will I See You Again" became so apt for all my feelings of the night, almost like the song could have been a dialogue between me and Seattle. It so perfectly put everything in perspective and wrapped up a wonderful period in the history of my life.

If you got what you came for why should you stay?
If you know where you're going why delay?
If you won't be returning don't say goodbye.
Turn you back on the ocean and follow the sun through the sky.

I've already forgotten all of your names.
And I cannot remember when you came.
Grab your things and get going. Don't say goodbye.
Turn your back on the ocean. Go see what's out there to find.

It's time to let go.
Goodbye and so long.
All the best along the way.
Couldn't I keep you another day?

When will I see you again?
I have, in fact, turned my back on the ocean, so to speak, and have made the long journey across the country to my new home. I refuse to say goodbye to land of bumbeshoots and sasquatches, because I'm sure I'll be back some day - keeping my Seahawks season tickets has assured me of that. And while Southwest Michigan may not be the musical hot bed that Seattle is, I'm a quick train ride from Chicago which I've already taken full advantage of since moving here (Pitchfork Fest was sweet!).

So I'm not sure what the frequency of posting will be in the future days here at Three Colours, but I hope to continue to share the bands that I'm listening to and maybe even do a concert review here and there. Until next post...