Thursday, March 17, 2011

[new music] White Denim - D

White Denim return with new album D

Two new White Denim jams are available for your streaming pleasure. This comes in the wake of the band's announcement of their next release - WD's third LP, entitled D, will hit shelves here in the US on May 24 (June 6 for UK). Below you can hear the two tracks, "Drugs" and "Anvil Everything", which will appear on D. Also, check out the band's tour schedule if you live in the Austin area - lots of chances to see their face-melting live act during SXSW this year. More dates are surely to follow.

Anvil Everything by WhiteDenim

White Denim tour dates:

March 10 - Denton, TX - Conferette 35 Music Festival
March 11 - Austin, TX - Ghost Room – 9PM
March 12 - Austin, TX - 205 Brazos - Interactive 8PM
March 16 - Austin, TX - The Parish - Day Party at 5 PM
March 16 - Austin, TX - Club Deville – SXSW Showcase at 11 PM
March 17 - Austin, TX - Austin Convention Center - RCRD LBL Party at 5 PM
March 18 - Austin, TX - Klub Krewcial - Gorilla vs Bear Day Party at 5:45-6:15PM
March 19 - Austin, TX - San Jose Hotel - Day Party at 3 PM