Thursday, December 10, 2009

[news] Plants and Animals - New Album Complete

Season Greetings from P&A

Arriving via email today was a holiday cheer from Plants and Animals, complete with this great Photoshop pic of drummer Matthew Woodley. On it was news of the new album's completion and a handful of live dates. There's not really much more info about the album that Woodley didn't say in his interview (here) - I'd love to hear the album's working title, or what date the band plans to release it (other than in 2010). Here's what was actually said:
The new record is finished. Now we wait around while the industry types play golf tournaments and do bizness. Then it hits the streets!
Anyway, the fact that's the wheels are in motion for a new LP is enough to make my day. Below are the dates for some upcoming shows, as well as a video of there very awesome "Feedback in the Field" from the lovely Parc Avenue.

Plants and Animals tour dates:

January 23 - La Fl├Ęche D’or - PARIS, FR
January 26 - MIDEM – Morrison’s Lounge - CANNES, FR
January 28 - Paragon Theatre - HALIFAX, CA
January 29 - L’Osmose – U de Moncton - MONCTON, CA
January 30 - The Capital - FREDRICTON, CA
February 17 - Ninksai - QUEBEC CITY, CA
March 17-21 - SXSW - AUSTIN TX