Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spencer Krug Plays the Marimba???

Yet another side project
for indie-rock god Spencer Krug

A great little interview with Spencer Krug was recently posted over at Stereogum. In the post, Krug talks about his upcoming Swan Lake record Enemy Mine and how much he enjoys song-writing with his "old friends". What caught my attention the most in this interview, however, was when Krug told of his future projects. Apparently, after the release of Sunset Rubdown's still-untitled fourth LP slated for late summer, Krug plans to finish an ongoing project (two years and counting) composed of marimba and drums. While no other details have been revealed, this EP may be the closest resemblance to a Fifths of Seven "sound." Krug described his fondness of the marimba, stating:
"[The marimba is] an instrument that I've always liked, but I've never had the patience to bring on the road or even try recording. I don't think it's the coolest move for my 'street cred,' but it's a beautiful sounding instrument, what can I say?"
I don't think he'll lose any "street cred" over it, but I'm sure it'll turn some heads. Last time I checked, Jack White is still respected in the rock community and we all remember when the White Stripes had their "marimba phase" (see Get Behind Me Satan). Nevertheless, it'll probably be a year before we get to hear anything from this project, and I've yet to be disappointed by any of Krug's brainchildren.