Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Handsome Furs - New Songs

Possible song candidates to appear on Handsome Fur's sophomore album Face Control...

I finally got my hands on a wonderful bootleg from the Handsome Furs Seattle show at Neumos (April 19, 2008). The duo opened for the wretchedly terrible French synthpop band The Teenagers. Only Bad Company can get away with a song title the same name as their band. Who was responsible for pairing these two bands together? Seriously, what were they thinking?

While their opener set was slightly abbreviated with no encore, Handsome Furs delivered 10 solid songs and some great in-between-song banter. Check out the four new songs showcased that night (vide supra) - especially "Office of Heart".

Cannot Get Started
Snakes On The Ladder
Dead + Rural
Handsome Furs Hate This City
Dumb Animals
Office of Hearts
Sing! Captain
Legal Tender
Radio and the Heart