Friday, June 26, 2009

New Music: Spoon - Got Nuffin EP

New EP From Spoon!

Thanks to Stereogum, we now know that Spoon is releasing a new EP entitled Got Nuffin, which will contain three previously unreleased songs. Usually when news like this hits the stands, there's always a long wait accompanied with it. Fortunately for us, this EP is reported to release this coming Tuesday (June 30, 2009)! Track titles are posted below:

Spoon :: Got Nuffin
  1. Got Nuffin
  2. Tweakers
  3. Stroke Their Brains
Buy :: Got Nuffin

Update: Amazon has taken down the Mp3 pre-ordering page. Curious... is Merge trying to keep this a secret?

Update #2: Thanks to Real Low Vibe for the tip. Looks like Spoon's official site is now advertising the EP (and also streaming a looped drum beat). You can pick up a copy for yourself at Spoon's store.

Pre-order :: CD
Pre-order :: LP
Pre-order :: Mp3


RealLowVibe said...

Check Spoon's store on their official site -- they've just added it there.